Cockroach on white background — Ant Identification in Corpus Christi, TX

Cockroaches are some of the world’s most resilient pests. While there are several types of these creatures, there are common signs of their presence.

Roaches You Can See During the Day 

Roaches are nocturnal. If they are visible and active during the day you have a larger infestation on your hands because the ones you are seeing are being pushed out of their nests by additional bugs.

Visible Droppings 

Cockroach droppings are like black pepper or coffee grounds of various sizes depending on the size of the bugs. No matter the size or type of cockroach, these features of their leavings will remain the same. If you see these around your home with no other explanation, it is definitely a sign of an infestation.

Egg Casings or Foul Odor

Egg casings popping up around your home are a sure sign of bugs. If you find this, they are breeding inside your home, ensuring that the problem has grown. 
All of these signs may also be accompanied by a particular musky odor. If you are unsure what the smell is from but it is accompanied by any of these other signs it is likely to be derived from these insects.
Seeking assistance with this problem is a wise choice. Call Pest Control Services, Inc. in Corpus Christi for more information on finding a qualified professional for cockroach removal