Ant Control and Extermination in Corpus Christi​

Two red ants  — Crazy ants and odorous house ants in Corpus Christi, TX
Once ants infest, they are seemingly ubiquitous. You might be struggling to find an ant control solution to take care of the problem if you have relied on sprays, traps and treatments bought from a store. Investing in professional services, however, can ensure complete extermination. Pest Control Services, Inc. specializes in treatment and prevention of ants and other pests in the greater Corpus Christi area. Some of the ant species we can get rid of include carpenter, fire, pavement, pharaoh, crazy ants and odorous house ants. We carefully address infestations by assessing the problem, applying the appropriate treatment and taking steps to ensure further infestations are prevented.

Specialized Treatment and Prevention

Getting rid of ants isn’t easy, so once they are gone, you surely want to keep them away. Some of the prevention tactics you can employ at home include the following:
  • Keep food and water sealed
  • Clean up potential food sources
  • Block points of access

In addition to these tips, an exterminator can help you by offering preventative services, too. We want to keep your home free from pests so you never have to worry.

Also Serving Corpus Christi & Surrounding Areas

Ants are one of the most pernicious pests you might encounter. When you see one, you likely see dozens. You can remedy this problem, however, by investing in ant control services from Pest Control Services, Inc. We specialize in comprehensive extermination and prevention of insects, rodents, and pests for commercial and residential clients. If you are located in Corpus Christi, Taft, North Padre Island, Aransas Pass, Sinton, Calallen, or Robstown, you can count on us. For rodent control and other services, reach out to us at 361-854-2833 and arrange an appointment.