Professional Removal of Cockroaches in Corpus Christi

Cockroach in bread — American roach in Corpus Christi, TX
Many people are surprised to see that cockroaches do not only infest dirty homes. Even if you keep your kitchen clean and never leave out food, cockroaches can be attracted to moisture and crumbs. Pest Control Services, Inc. offers cockroach control to residential and commercial clients throughout the Corpus Christi area. We specialize in extermination for the following types of roaches:

  • American
  • Brown-banded
  • German
  • Oriental
  • Smokybrown

Prevention to Protect Your Home From Pests

Roach control involves more than just an initial treatment. When you want to get rid of roaches and ensure they stay gone, it is essential that you also form a strategy for prevention. We offer preventative services in conjunction with extermination so that pests are kept at bay. Some of the ways you can most effectively keep roaches out of your home include the following:
  • Eliminate food and moisture sources in home
  • Do not keep home warmer than is necessary
  • Fix any leaking water sources and faucets
  • Seal any holes, cracks and other entry points
  • Clean your home regularly and keep it clean
  • Partner with a pest control professional

Serving Corpus Christi and Surrounding Areas

Of all the pests you might encounter in your home, cockroaches might be the most likely to make your skin crawl. Unfortunately, when you see one, there are likely many more hiding throughout your home or office. Investing in roach control can remedy the situation and prevent further infestations. Pest Control Services, Inc. is the top exterminator serving clients throughout the Corpus Christi area, including North Padre Island, Taft, Aransas Pass, Calallen, Robstown, Sinton, and Portland. Reach out to us at 361-854-2833 for more information on getting rid of roaches for good.