Effective Bee Service in Corpus Christi & Surrounding Areas

Bee on a honeybee  — Effective Bee Service in Corpus Christi, TX
There are many kinds of bees that might make your home their own. Further differentiating between a bee, a wasp, a hornet or a yellow jacket may seem superfluous, but understanding the differences is important when it comes to pest control. Pest Control Services, Inc. specializes in the control of insects such as these in the Corpus Christi area. Some of the types of bees we can get rid of include carpenter, bumble, honey and bees.

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In addition to getting rid of bees, we offer control and treatment for wasp infestations, too. Some of the varieties we can exterminate include yellow jackets, mud daubers and paper wasps. We take great care to ensure that the nests are located and eradicated so that the risk of any further infestation is eliminated. Bees and wasps can easily get inside your home and hide in the walls and roofs, so whether the problem is inside or out, call us today to scheduled an appointment for service.

Wasp Control Services in Corpus Christi & Surrounding Areas

A single one can inflict considerable pain, but in a swarm, they can be deadly. If you have spotted a nest or seen them flying around, it’s time to call Pest Control Services, Inc. for wasp and bee control in the Corpus Christi area. We also serve many cities in Texas including North Padre Island, Sinton, Taft, Robstown, Aransas Pass, Calallen, Robstown and Portland. For comprehensive extermination, including ant control, you can schedule an appointment with one of our team members. Reach out to us at 361-854-2833 for scheduling availability.